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a foreigner who has retire, but wants to be back to work in Thailand, is it possible?
Posted by ckcoth On Thu 28 Nov, 2019

a foreigner who has retire, but wants to be back to work in Thailand, is it possible?
"Having retired already, a foreigner who has retire, but wants to be back to work in Thailand, is it possible? 

Of course, retirement is something that can make us feel lonely because every day we usually went to work, and then suddenly we stop. 

Our social groups disappear, especially work-related ones. For Thais, there is no problem since we still can go back to work after our retirement. 

However, in the case of a foreign retiree, who come to stay in Thailand and then would like to work again in Thailand, a question arises: it’s possible or not to do.   

Today, we are going to disclose if it’s possible or not. It’s not a difficult issue, yes, it’s possible to do. 

As a matter of fact, various organizations have maximum age limits concerning retirement, like 55, 60 or 65 year old, so that we cannot be hired accordingly. So do government agencies. 

Nevertheless, there are some companies having no such rules or we have our own business enterprise to work with. Thus the age barrier is no longer an issue. We can continue to work till the day we die. 

As mentioned, we, Thais, can work without official employment by an organization. 

On the contrary, a foreign retiree cannot. The only thing one can do is to be employed officially by a company that can certify your work status. 

Therefore, if one seeks for a job, he or she must have the first and foremost two things: a business visa (Non-B visa) and a work permit.  

Without a work permit, you cannot work legally even though you have a business visa. 

You must obtain these two things in order to be able to work legally in Thailand. 

However, without one of them or all, you still can work, but illegally, which can make you feel unsafe and live your life under the fear of getting caught. 

Of course, you can be imprisoned or exiled. Neither of these is a desirable reward for your working life. 

For a foreign retiree, his or her first intention of staying in Thailand is having a good time after hard working life, and then money runs out which drive him or her to work again. Is it possible? 

Yes, it’s possible to work again. There are ways allowing him or her to work legally. 

If you want to know more about them, contact my company. Or you can wait my training course that I am about to start to teach how to do a business visa and a work permit successfully. 

You can join my online course in order to learn how to do them. Also you can send someone to learn for you, friends, staff or anyone. Any foreigner can join as well since we subtitle in English. 

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My last words are whenever you want to work and you can find a company to hire you, your retirement visa can be changed into business visa and you can obtain a work permit to work legally and happily in Thailand."

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