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CK Consult & Service offers the most professional services in business community.

We are expert in offering professional consultation and assist in the complex processes of visa applications for foreigners.

CK.Consult & Service Co., Ltd. is dedicated to give professional consultancy and services internationally. We offer advice to foreigners who stay in Thailand for the purpose of employment as well as not for the purpose of employment. We offer advice professional with regards to Business Law allowing Businesses to operate legally in the fastest possible way. We offer professional advice to businesses allowing them to operate with ease.

1.Process Visa applications and work permits for foreigners as well as for businesses.
2.Create confidence by offering fast services with perfect legality.
3.Offer convenience in business setups and solving legal issues through the proper manner

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11 September 2019
Accepting applications for residence in the Thailand of the year 2019 From 1 July - 30 December 2019
22 July 2019
Amendment for Criteria and Conditions for Consideration of an Alien's Application for a Temporary Stay in the Kingdom
22 July 2019
July 16,Asalha Bucha Day 2019 July 29,King Rama VI's Birthday Celebration
2 July 2019
WORK PERMIT APPLICATION FOR SKILL LABOUR   PLACE TO CONTACT • An enterprise located in Bangkok, contact the Office...
20 June 2019